Whitetail Properties


Since 2010, we've helped Whitetail Properties build and continue to improve their digital platform, growing from a $7m company to a $500m company in that time period. We knew we wanted to own the keyword "hunting land" so we made that our mission. Over the last 6 years, we've been able to help them do just that.


Out of the gate, Whitetail Properties was up against multiple billion-dollar land companies. But with a clear focus, we were able to lay the groundwork to steal marketshare by focusing on building a website that gave consumers the online experience that they wanted.

Digital Performance


6-Year Sales Increase

70x growth isn't bad over a 6-year period. Beating the giants of land sales is one of our proudest accomplishments to date.


3-Year User Growth

It's about attention, not impressions. 251% growth of the right audience led to more sold signs for Whitetail Properties.


Referral Growth

We're always looking to improve all traffic driver channels. Referral traffic is all about building the right relationships.