Wasp Archery


Updating a brand that's been around for 40 years is something we don't take lightly, meaning that you just don't mess with something that your grandfather loved. However, we knew it was time for an upgrade so that Wasp would remain relevant for the next 40 years. So we created a brand that remained true to its industrial roots while having an edge that would appeal to a younger generation.


One of the biggest challenges for Wasp was breathing life into a brand that had been stagnant for nearly a decade. With new ownership and a new vision, we were able to start the reestablishment of a brand that many were longing to see be successful. Connecting with new consumers and rebuilding a relationship with old ones was all part of the overall strategy for making Wasp relevant again.

Digital Performance


Traffic Growth

In 2015, with a direct content marketing plan in place, we were able to grow traffic 89% compared to 2014 numbers.


Transaction Growth

More people buying more product is a trend that we have maintained since taking over the Wasp account in 2010.


Revenue Growth

Selling is the ultimate goal of any business, and a 66% increase in revenue is a stat that we're looking to improve on in 2016.

Brand + Identity

Revamping a 40-year-old brand

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Wasp Brand LeftWasp America Brand Right


Lifestyle and product photography

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Web Design

Responsive web design

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Wasp Mobile Web Design LeftWasp Sharpshooter Web Design Right
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Wasp User Web Design
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Web Development

Responsive web development built with ExpressionEngine

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Reaching the consumer with the right copy

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Social Media Management

Hashtags, likes and followers

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