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It's rare that you get the opportunity to work with a blank slate, but that was exactly the case with TRACT. From the business plan to laying out visual designs for packaging, web and products, Caddis had a specific vision for this company from the beginning. As one of the first direct-to-consumer companies in the outdoor industry, we knew we had our work cut out for us, but we were up to the task of launching a superior experience for a superior product line.


Getting consumers to buy a product that they can't touch is difficult, especially when they've never heard of the brand. And that's exactly why we launched a very focused media spend to educate and inform hunters on how TRACT started and why their products are made the way they are. To give them more confidence in the product, we launched the In-Field Trial, a 7-day trial period that allows customers to use the product in a real-life scenario. So far, it's working.

Digital Performance


Social Media Traffic

38% of all traffic is coming directly from TRACT's Social Media outlets. Which is right in line with our core strategy of reaching TRACT's personas where they are.


Organic Search Sales

The majority of TRACT's sales are coming from organic searches, which proves that our content marketing is driving the right people to the site.


Social Bounce Rate

Only 13% of all traffic from Social Media bounces, meaning the overall experience of the site is leading consumers to learn more about TRACT.

Brand + Identity

Great products deserve great brands

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Lifestyle and studio photography

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User Experience

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Web Design

Responsive web design

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Web Development

Custom e-commerce development built on ExpressionEngine

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The story always matters

Social Media Management

Building a community one post at a time

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Custom-made optics packaging

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Where You Belong

TRACT Tagline
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