Gunner Kennels


Knowing that we were about to work with a great product, we had to create a brand that would get people to react to a product that truly disrupted an entire industry. And we did just that. By creating an icon that resonated with all dog lovers, and told a story in the process, we knew this project was going to be a huge success.


Selling a $500 dog kennel to customers who are used to paying a third of that was a challenge from the beginning. But through our research and strategy, we knew consumers wanted something better, and they were willing to pay for it. And the growth of Gunner is proving this strategy true each and every day.

Digital Performance


Keywords Ranking

80% of the top 20 keywords we set out to rank for we are, and we did so within 6 months of launching.


Online Sales Target

Within just 8 months of launching, we hit our goals for online sales, for a $500 kennel nobody knew about.


Organic Traffic

53% of visitors found the Gunner Kennels through organic search, proving that content marketing works on every level.

Brand + Identity

A brand that resonates with all dog lovers

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Lifestyle and product photography

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Gunner Kennels Photograph
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Web Design

Mobile-optimized e-commerce experience

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Web Development

Custom web development built with ExpressionEngine

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Sizzle reel for Gunner Kennels

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and great customer service

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