Chris Roberts

Senior Developer

Chris Roberts

Having worked as a freelancer for some time, Chris was looking to be part of a structured and collaborative team and found Caddis. Chris is a rare gem in that his front-end and back-end talents are equally matched, along with a work ethic to get things done. When not at the office, Chris enjoys playing with his kids, reading a good book and winning at video games. He recently discovered he loves looking at stars with strong binoculars. The stars in the sky that is, and not the ones that call Nashville home.

  • Kids

    Five with number six on the way, all between the ages of two and eight years old.
  • Pets

    “I love dogs, but my wife says we have enough kids to make up for a dog.”
  • Favorite Movie

    Mystery Men
  • First Concert

    Handel’s Messiah

Recent Posts

HTTPS and the Modern Web

In order to help keep our users safe, to improve our Google ranking, and to take advantage of the emerging SPDY protocol, adopting HTTPS becomes an easy decision.

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