When You Win

What happens when you win? I mean, what do you get. A prize? A customer? A raise? The New York Giants got a pretty sweet trophy and a parade. You don't get a parade when you win an Addy. But you do get taught a few good lessons.

As a relative newcomer to the Nashville area, it was great for our team at Caddis to get a chance to experience the recent Addy Awards. And we even got to take home a few for some work we did for Wasp Archery and our own website. Winning felt good. But we also lost that night. We got SILVER Addys. We wanted them to say GOLD. So that means someone beat us, even though we won. Bittersweet it was.

The euphoria of winning can be translated over to the launching of a new site for a client or watching a TV spot you directed air for the first time. It's rewarding. Then you realize it's over. It's time to do it again for someone else. Or in the case of a new site, it's time to build on it and make it better through creating content. Remember the talk we had on strategy?

Winning is an opportunity. Make the most of it.