Content Marketing

Personas and Kevin Bacon

Defining how you speak to personas takes thought and a great understanding of your brand. One element of personas that is not often discussed is that, in time, Maggie will talk to Tim and Fred will tell Margaret just how good (or bad) a job you did for them. Let me explain.

Who Are Our Personas?

Caddis creates four to six very detailed personas. Let's say they're Tim, Maggie, Fred, Mary, Barry and Margaret. Each of them have very different positions and varying levels of understanding and needs. However, Kevin Bacon always brings everyone together. Think about your local meetup or networking event. Some people wear suits. Others wear jeans and Chuck Taylors. And yet they all manage to talk to one another.
In the interactive space, many people have the experience of getting "burned" by an agency. So when Mary begins to ask around about who to use to build her new website, she isn't going to just call every agency, she is going to talk with the people she trusts and knows who have had successful online launches. Mary is going to talk with Barry because she doesn't want to pay for something that doesn't work this time. This is what we consider a very focused referral.

Impact Locally

So how do we impact the conversations at local events through content? Well, we focus on who we know attends those events and determine how they encounter our brand. We know that Maggie is a reader that invests time in social media and loves free resources. We also know where she attends events. So we generate content that impacts how she thinks. Our focus is to be a trusted resource in which she can follow through FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and our blogs. She is how we get to Mary, which is the person who doesn't read but loves social events.

Persona Impact

Once you've determined your core list of personas and defined how your company can reach each one, spend some time thinking about how you can let each persona impact your brand through having conversations amongst themselves. Think about where they will cross paths and how you can create those referral opportunities. After all, it's much easier to let those who trust each other do the selling for you.
Kevin Bacon is everywhere, so use it to your advantage and build on the root idea behind your personas.