Content Marketing

People Matter

I once had a co-worker who penned the term PEP Boys as his mantra. "People Equal Problems" he always said. And he was right. Just ask the person in the call center at AT&T. Or the person calling the call center at AT&T. Everyone has their own version.

At Caddis, our core is built upon these keywords: Strategy. Implementation. Growth. All three of which stem from proper communication and a detailed understanding of the core objectives of any marketing effort. And in order to get it right, everyone has to be willing to listen, speak, and then change for the overall goal of producing great work. It's rare to get it all right, but it does happen and it's a beautiful thing when done correctly.

For example, one client of ours just changed their packaging model to contain a smaller amount. The previous ownership had neglected profit margins that would sustain company growth and without a change, the company would have gone under. The feedback was mostly positive, but there were the few that shouted from the rooftop about how this company was trying to gouge them in order to make more money.

So here's what we did. We established a personal note to send back to each response explaining that all products were made in the USA and even gave them details on why the packaging and pricing structure had to change. Every single person commented back with, "Oh, we understand. Thanks for making a great product."

Communication matters. And so do people (on both sides). Perhaps Netflix will eventually learn that as well.