Digital Strategy

Numbers Don’t Lie

With every new redesign we do for our client, we take a hard look at their current analytical data and try to evaluate what is working and what is not. And then try and figure out why. Is content buried or displayed poorly? How does the page optimize user experience? What are the most popular content pages and why?

The truth is, many companies can't even answer what content people want to see when they come to their site. So we have a simple process we use to guide them along to try and get to the heart of what matters on their site.

Then we get to the results side of delivery. Did we get the redesign right? For some agencies, this is just a matter of it looking cool or simply just working. But for us, we want to see numbers that prove our method works.

A recent example of this is the site we developed for Super Slam. The site was in much need of a makeover, both from a design and development point of view. And the results were just as we'd hoped. Increases across the board.

Visits were up 81%. Unique Visitors up 86%. Pageviews up 302%. All in the first month.

By simply evaluating past data, learning how users want to interact with it, and designing a user-friendly site, we were able to have a bottom-line impact for a company with huge results in the first month. Numbers don't lie.