Design Services

Good Design is Global

We were recently mentioned on CSS Mania for the design of our new website. We were proud. But something even more interesting came to be once we started getting some traffic from the post...people were viewing our site from all over the world. In fact, people came to see our little site from 99 countries.

The interesting part of these statistics is that Caddis is an interactive agency located in Franklin, Tenn. whose core clientele is in the outdoor industry. During the week after we were mentioned, India ranked as the top country in terms of visitors, and I can promise you no one in India hunts whitetails.

We spend a great deal of time and detail evaluating a company’s potential and then strategizing on how we can use technology and proper architecture to create an online platform to help them achieve those goals.

Then we bring out our Crayons and markers to make it look pretty. Because we believe pretty matters. After all, no one is going to stay on your website, buy your product, or listen to your brand if they don't stay long enough to see it first.