Get it Done Night

It’s now 11:16. Forty-four minutes until midnight and we are all still cranking away on finalizing the new Caddis website. As we all sit and work (Um, Evan, since you are at home sick, you are buying lunch for us all next week) and try to document our progress through Social Media as we go, we are going through the Keurig Single Cup thingamajiggers pretty quickly. Caffeine is a must at this point.

The goal of our Caddis Get It Done Night is to just sit in a room and really work together to accomplish something we are all passionate about. Michael and Bryn are working on building the site templates and Steve and myself are creating content and pulling imagery to support our new Work page. And Evan is at home sleeping. Nice.

Once the site is done, we’ll be back at work tomorrow finishing up projects for QDMA, Calcutta Fishing, and a few more clients that have upcoming deadlines.

We really are excited about showing you some of our current work and having a site that reflects who we are and why we love doing this stuff. For those of you who have followed us from the start and have supported us, we say thanks. But please don’t stop now, we are just getting started.