Content Marketing

Everyone Is Too Small

Forrester recently released its data from Q2 2010 on how SMB (small to medium sized businesses, 200 or fewer employees) think about interactive marketing differently than enterprise firms (companies with 1,000+ employees). The results were pretty interesting: both categories want more staff members to help with interactive objectives, both want bigger budgets, both want better customer insight, both have lost customers in the recession and want to know how to generate new leads, and the list goes on.

Not surprisingly, no matter how large or small your company is, everyone still has the same objective: grow your business. So how do you do that?

It was interesting that 77% of SMBs maintained or increased their budget for 2010 over 2009. But how did they spend it? Display, email and search. Social Media. Specialized vendor partners. These are all very expected areas of implementation.

The part of this research piece that I'd love to know more about would be the results. What did they change? Did it work? Did increasing their interactive budget grow their business? If not, was it a result of poor execution and lack of knowledge?

Whether you have 3 employees or 3,000, interactive marketing is crucial to your growth. Do you have a newsletter? Do you have a database of customers? Do you have online partners? How are you growing you Social Media footprint?

It's important, not because we said so, but because you have to hang out where the people are.