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Customers and Service

Caddis is in the business of helping companies acquire more eyeballs and sell more products. We accomplish this through establishing a web-based platform and feeding both traditional and interactive marketing through this portal. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle, and perhaps none more important than how companies react to customers.

Ask Blackberry senior management how they are feeling right now, and I'm sure you'll see some sort of stress in their response. With the recent outages of their network, customers are not happy. And they are letting everyone know about it.

"Dear BlackBerry. Please give me a refund so I can buy an iPhone,” voiced one unsatisfied customer on Twitter.

We no longer have the luxury of covering up mishaps and burying negative comments anymore. We now have to face the fury of Social Media feedback and figure out how to handle all this mess when something goes wrong, and something will go wrong.

Recently, we made a decision to change the packaging and brand for a 40-year-old company we represent. The brand overhaul went over great. The packaging did as well, with a few exceptions.

"I can't believe you went from a 6-pack to a 3-pack. You are just another money-hungry company looking to get rich," screamed one angry customer on Facebook.

So we now had some negative feedback. And here's how we approached it. One of the senior members of the team wrote a letter explaining why the packaging had to change. The company was losing money and would not be able to continue to make products in the USA if profit margins continued to be at less than 10%. He went on to explain how the new ownership wanted to move the company forward and keep building great products, but something had to change in the packaging if the company was to stay in business.

Letters, emails, and Social Media posts were sent to scores of customers who didn't understand the change. And all but one responded with very supportive feedback. They understood.

How you handle difficult times and issues matter. Ask Tony Hsieh if customer service matters? Look at how Blackberry is dealing with their current crisis. It matters what you say.