Caddis, The Client

People hire Caddis to solve problems. It’s what we do as a service-based company. Whether it’s providing a facelift to a website or helping facilitate a plan to sell more products online, clients trust us to fix their issues.

What happens when the agency becomes the client?

Several months ago I wrote a blog about thinking in which I addressed how Caddis separates itself from the millions of other small and large Nashville web design agencies out there. One key stat that I pointed out in the blog was the sheer number of results when searching for a phrase such as, “Nashville interactive agency”, in which we rank third. But there are many other phrases that we don’t rank well for that are relative to our business.

So, in order to address some of our own problems as a business, we are becoming our own client. Through this journey, we will give you an honest evaluation on where we stand in relation to our competitors and what we are doing to improve in showcasing who we are as a company.

Jesse, Steve, and I have laid out a plan in which we will be creating and delivering better content and work examples to show our capabilities as a company, the before and after, if you will. We’ll be showing the progress of our work and letting you in on how and why we do the things we do. We are simply taking the processes in which we apply for our clients and, um, making time to do it for our business.

There is no greater case study than to be able to prove you know your craft by showing your own results. From SEO and PPC to content strategy and web design, we know we have work to do in showcasing our ability to the Nashville area. And through this project, we are going to do just that.