Digital Strategy

Buy Me, Online

In a recent AdWeek article, men were highlighted for their preference of shopping online. And they are doing just that. According to the article, 70% of affluent males research a product and then buy it online, as opposed to the 14% who research online then prefer to buy in-store. Though I have no clue on how they define an "affluent" male, what I do know is this, men research before they buy.

We recently completed a strategy document for a company in which our results found that users had to click an additional three times to various pages just to get all of the general information they need to learn about a product. Pathetic. It was crazy how bad this user experience was. But the fix was easy: any content that was relative to a product needed to be on that particular landing page.

Knowing that men research and buy online is one thing, giving them a reason to buy your product over a competitors is another. Don't make your consumer work for your product. It's your job to figure out the best experience for them.

We like to refer to building a model that creates conversions. Create funnels to products through promos, great site structure, and good creative. Don't let men, or women, leave your site because of poor navigation. Convert them with content and increase your online profitability.