Digital Strategy

Analyze This

I am crawling out of deep, dark hole of numbers – percentages, rates, averages…I think I even saw the Mayan Calendar 2.0 down there somewhere – and acronyms like SEO, KPIs, CTRs, TOS, CPAs, and SOL (Just kidding about that last one). In the digital market, EVERYTHING is measured.

This data overload is nothing new to me, but it has to be done. Caddis, an agency specializing in business performance, needs to takes a hard look at what analytics we are reporting. How, why and to whom are we reporting? Everyone in our client base needs a unique report, whittled down to what only matters to them. Sure we could give clients a generic 300 page report that includes everything from page views and the amount of cats that returned to the website for the third time, and say, “good luck!” But where is the value in that?

The Role of Effective Reporting

Good reporting practices make both the client and us perform better. It is vital in all phases of our mantra: Strategy, Implementation, and Growth. If one of our E-commerce clients brings in $100 on an order where the cost of acquisition (COA) was $200, it is like they are shipping a crisp Benjamin in the box along with their product. We could have showed them the surface macro analytics which said they just made 100 bucks, but for sustainability reasons, we’d rather recommend them to stop throwing their money in places where the COA is not gaining a high ROI and direct it to areas that are.

So, yes these frequent trips of wading through the sludge of data and getting to the bottom of what really is happening for each client is important. Because once a solid and trustworthy system of analytical reporting is established, it becomes a fun game to play, milking every opportunity for growth. And eventually we come up with reports that are Sesame Street easy.