Always Chasing

We are now 16 days in to 2012, and what a blur it has been. Caddis has just come off the road from the Archery Trade Association show and now we are heading to Vegas for the SHOT Show. It's been a busy few months prepping for it all. But that's all in the chase.

Any agency knows the thrill of the chase. You see a client you can help, and dig, plot, present, and hopefully get your foot in the door with them. A relationship is formed and the work begins. And then the chase begins all over.

And that's where we as a group try to be different, the chase is part of the thrill, but the results are where the rewards come into play. Take the recent strategy we put in place for Wasp Archery and their Social Media plan. Up 188% in the last month, and it's not slowing down. It's all part of our mantra...Strategy. Implementation. Growth. So many companies fail to report back and learn from the projects they are working on, they simply choose to move on and chase something else.