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A Shameless Plug for Great Content

First, Let's Sum This Up

Launched March 5, 2014, Caddis Interactive’s Turkey Decoy Setup Guide campaign for Montana Decoy set out to deliver a valuable piece of content to current and prospective customers. Within a month of the launch, the brand experienced increased sales, traffic and social media engagement by not only educating turkey hunters on why they need Montana Decoy’s products but also by promoting contextual visualizations of how to use decoys effectively.

Now, a Quick Look Back

Montana Work Example Web

Some examples of past work we have done for Montana Decoy.

Every year, Montana Decoy releases new products that change the way hunters think about decoys. Deeply entrenched in the outdoor culture, they care about their roots and creating decoys that are lightweight, easy-to-pack and effective in the field. In the late 90s, their fold-up products revolutionized the decoy industry for big-game hunters. In 2012, the brand partnered with us to help carry that message to whitetail and turkey enthusiasts, and continue to grow the brand in Western markets.

In addition to a complete rebrand, new website, ongoing content marketing, catalog and print ads, the Turkey Decoy Setup Guide campaign is the latest marketing move we’ve implemented for them.

Caddis Office Ping Pong

We're not always at our desks, but we're always thinking.

From the beginning of this project, the goal was clear: We needed to show consumers that Montana Decoy products are not just for elk hunters who climb mountains, but the products you turn to when facing any decoying situation. Montana Decoy is an established brand among hunters with specific needs, but they have room to grow in other decoy markets.

Our ongoing work of blog writing, social media management and SEO was reaping steady rewards, but we needed a shot in the arm before turkey hunting season. We came up with the idea to create a downloadable guide that not only demonstrates the benefits of using turkey decoys —Montana Decoy products in particular — but also shows the brand’s expertise and thought leadership in a competitive industry with helpful turkey hunting tips. The main objectives were to:

  • Build brand awareness and authority on social networks.
  • Attract more engaged traffic via referrals, social networks and organic search.
  • Increase on-site revenue.
  • Inspire others to link to and share the guide on social networks.

A Simple, but Rich Piece of Content Takes Shape

This was no job for banner ads or other disruptive marketing tactics. We wanted to connect with hunters the same way they connect with each other: by sharing information often recommended by others. We knew building something great and expecting customers to find it wouldn’t work. We were excited to get this guide out to the hunting community because it helped solve a familiar problem in a simple and straightforward document.

As soon as we had an idea of what the guide would look like, we reached out to bloggers and influencers in social hunting communities to share links to the guide with their audiences and increase reach. There was a human element to the content of the guide and the way it was shared. It spurred a sentiment of “we’re all in this together” when it comes to being more successful turkey hunters. Once the flywheel started, sparks flew.

Rapid Feedback

Comparing March 2014 and March 2013 metrics, we saw:

  • More than 1,100 new email subscribers.
  • A 53% increase in referral traffic and 170% increase in organic traffic.
  • A 3,500% increase in traffic from social networks.
  • 50% revenue growth. 

Some Words from the Team

Jesse Luke, Research Director:
"Montana Decoy is in a position where they have a substantial current customer base, but that customer base needs to grow within the current decoy market. In addition to our regular work in SEO, blogging and social media management, we felt that Montana Decoy needed a bit of a jolt. To accomplish this we decided to create a content piece that would help them improve on all fronts. The piece would attract links to the page, compliment our current blog topics and serve as a great piece of sharable content on social media all while helping grow Montana Decoy's email list and future reach. In only two months, we've seen success on all fronts and anticipate this being a piece of content that will continue working for Montana Decoy in the next few years."

Tyler Sharpe, Graphic Designer:
“From a design perspective, it was important to visually inform the viewer as much as possible. My goal was to create something that had the essence of the outdoors, but could also get a hunter from point A to point B effortlessly. Though I believe that the content and design play well together, it was important that these illustrations stand alone.”

Steve Miller, Content Specialist:
“Delivering custom content is a huge sales driver and brand-building tactic, but it’s noisy out there. Just building something great and expecting your customers to find it is like dressing up for the dance and not even going. Your content withers like a wallflower, and there aren’t many perks. Promoting the guide on other websites and social channels resulted in links back to the Montana Decoy site, created more traffic, more business and many shout-outs on social media. It was like the prom queen telling all her friends to come dance with us.”

Want to see more of the Turkey Decoy Setup Guide? Check it out, here
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